Forum of Infection

Challenges in treatment and prevention of infections
Hotel Warszawianka in Jachranka

4–6th April, 2019

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I Forum of Infection is a nationwide, multidisciplinary conference which gathers medicine doctors and nurses of various specialties concerning infections.

Forum of Infection
Challenges in treatment and prevention of infections
4–6th April, 2019, Congress Centre of Hotel Warszawianka in Jachranka

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are pleased to invite you to participate in the first edition of the multidisciplinary conference I Forum of Infection on ‘Challenges in treatment and prevention of infections’.

For the past 8 years of existence of the prestigious journal ‘Forum of Infection’ we have been considering organising a nationwide, multidisciplinary and modern conference which – like our periodical – would be the space for a substantive meeting of specialists in various fields of medicine who are faced daily with the problems of infections. We would like to deliver an area for a dialogue concerning these topics, as well as to present innovative solutions and different prospects of problems and challenges that we are all familiar with. The first edition of this meeting will be initiated on 4th April 2019 in Jachranka. We would very much like you to join us.

The topics debated will undoubtedly include such matters as: recommendation on diagnostics and treatment of infections, roles and responsibilities of Hospital Infection Prevention and Control Teams, bacterial, fungal and mixed infections, infections related to catheter and vascular access, biofilm, antisepsis, hospital hygiene and many more.

For our meeting we invite medicine doctors of various specialties, microbiologists, nurses, midwives, members of Hospital Infection Prevention and Control Teams and all those specialists who are faced daily with the problems of infections.
The number of participants is limited and applications will be handled on the first come, first served basis.

We strongly invite and encourage you to participate!

Dr hab. n. med. Marzenna Bartoszewicz, prof. nadzw.
The Chairman of the Scientific Committee
The Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Parasitology
Wroclaw Medical University

Mariola Piotrowska, The President of Evereth Publishing
The publisher of the scientific journal ‘Forum of Infection

Feel the atmosphere of our events!

Watch the video of our conference on wound healing!

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